Wednesday, February 29, 2012

SACRED ARE THE BRAVE: A Collection of Stories

‘Sacred Are the Brave’, a collection of short stories by author James D. Sanderson, consists of nine stories about various nonviolent revolutions that took place in 1986 (the People Power revolution in the Philippines) and others that took place in Eastern Europe in 1989. This is the second book to be released by this author – the first was ‘The Angelic Mysteries’ released in September 2011 - and it will be available on Kindle in March of 2012.

What happens when people stand up to cruel men with weapons using nothing more than their bare hands and their hope for a different future? That is exactly what happened in
1989 when fully one third of the world’s population was involved in nonviolent
struggle in one form or another. From the Philippines (earlier, in 1986) through the peaceful revolutions in Eastern Europe and the upheavals in South Africa and the former Soviet Union, unarmed people were able to change the future of the world for the better.

‘Sacred Are The Brave’ is a collection of nine short stories that examines some of these struggles up close and personal. The characters of these short fictions are ordinary people who get swept up in the call for change in their lives and in their nations. One man attempts to change things through a failed hunger strike. A young girl sets out to ask Imelda Marcos to share some of her
thousands of pairs of shoes with the poor. A young college student journals the revolution in her home country of Czechoslovakia. A man tries to tunnel under the iron curtain to reach his lost fiancé. A group of protestors set out to liberate Unity Bridge in an undisclosed Eastern European nation. These are some of the stories of courage you will find in ‘Sacred Are The Brave’.

Each story tells in unerring detail the plight of its characters as they face the very human and sometimes inhuman treatment at the hands of soldiers and other authorities who are determined to put an end to their revolutionary activities. Some were more successful than others but all, as history has revealed, brought liberation to their nations in the end. If you are looking for a very realistic portrayal of the nonviolent revolutions of recent history, you need look no further than ‘Sacred Are the Brave.’

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