Thursday, August 18, 2011


Greetings my friends,
'The Angelic Mysteries' has been a long time coming. Back in 1995 the novel 'The Angelic Mysteries' first came out in literary paperback. As it began to sell locally and regionally an agent became interested in it. She loved it and believed it would bring in an advance of seven figures. (I had to count the digits on my fingers). Yes - $millions. I had made the big time. Her advice was to pull it off the market until we got the big money. Well, things don't always work out the way they are portrayed.
One editor did call. She wanted me to say that the events in 'The Angelic Mysteries' were fact - that they had actually happened. She didn't want me to lie, exactly, but couldn't I think of a time when something like this might have actually happened to me. This was at the time when some very far-fetched stories were being sold as nonfiction. There was a lot of money involved...
But the events in 'The Angelic Mysteries' are not true. It is fiction. When Daniel Allman meets and falls in love with Sarah - a woman who believes she is an angel - we are in the territory where the material world meets the spiritual. We are seeing the duel nature of human existence in struggle. Will these two aspects of life unite? That is the question.
Because I didn't believe 'The Angelic Mysteries' ever got a fair reading from the public, I have dusted it off and completely re-written it as a novella. Much shorter, but in my mind much better. I am making it available to you in Kindle or Nook for only $2.99. I hope you'll give it a read:

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