Friday, July 8, 2011


People tend to think of evil as something coarse and gaudy and ugly. That’s a laugh. You’d think they might know better by now. No, evil is smooth bordering on silky. It is bright and beautiful and glossy. Do you think the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil was bitter fruit? No, it was enticing and delicious. I can tell you this straight out, without any subterfuge, because you won’t listen anyway.

People tend not to believe in the veracity of demons which is exactly why we can be so honest. We can lay a trap in open country, mark it with red danger signs and post flashing neon arrows all along the way and still fill it up faster than we can get the trap door slammed shut. Now that’s saying something.

That’s why when we hear there’s an angel about, we really sharpen our claws and rise to the occasion. An angel is harder to trap, you see. They’re not going to walk right into a trap – they’re not going to put their own neck in the noose so to speak – like humans will. No, we have to show some real skill and cunning when it comes to catching an angel. What we do, (and you’ll probably come to appreciate this more when you read Mr. Sanderson’s ‘The Angelic Mysteries’)… what we do is to build a kind of labyrinth. When the angel enters the labyrinth she loses her way. She gets turned around and before she can find her way out she discovers that she has been grounded. She has lost her wings, if you will. Then we track them down and confine them in the land of Dis.

Anyway, I don’t want to give too much away. You’ve got your Dante. You’ve got your Milton. Now you’ve got your Sanderson. They’ll tell you how it is. ‘The Angelic Mysteries’ ought to give you enough to go on.

It was pride that caused our leader the infernal Serpent to stir up our most foul revolt, so I hope you’ll indulge me for just a moment. Look around you, good people. Read your newspapers or take a look at the evening news. What do you see there? Acts of goodness and mercy? Be honest now. I think not. LOL. (Which in our language means the Lowest of the Low). No. What you see is murder and mayhem in your streets. What you see is war and armed revolution and acts of terrorism. What you see is nuclear disaster and illegal business deals and adulterous behavior and drug and alcohol abuse. The list could go on and on. So, in my one moment of pride I will ask only that you recognize this: I’m not doing too badly now, am I?

Go ahead. Put another angel in my path. At least then I’ll have a worthy opponent. (You humans make me laugh. You’re just too easy).

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Yours for Eternity, Morton Toombs

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