Friday, June 10, 2011


I'm way behind the times. In fact the truths I try to live by are as old as the hills. Love God. Love One Another. Tell the truth. (Perhaps even more important -live the truth). Haven't I heard about Postmodernism? people demand to know. I must be stuck way back there in the male dominated, structuralist, pre-deconstructionist, urban, elite, totalization - ated :), hierarchical, designed, purposeful, modernism (or even pre-modernism) of some other time! Well, OK, while that is not completely true, it is mainly true. Is that because I don't understand Postmodernism? Not at all. I understand it only too well and I reject it.

How can I reject it? Everyone else is doing it. I reject it because of its selfish, relative, anarchic, fragmented, and deconstructive approach to the truth. (Or antithesis of truth). It is just that simple. I believe in a creator God. A saving Christ. A single truth. A value system rooted in God's Word. A purposeful life lived according to an ultimate plan. Eternal life.

The way I believe causes me to write the way I do. There is a reason for writing as I do, I should say. I understand that there is a reason Postmodernists write the way they do too. They see the world as a frustrating, enraging, dis empowering, authoritarian place to live. (And believe me on certain days I can see exactly what they are talking about). But when I'm in my right mind, I know that I am but a small part of the overall pattern and plan in a universe created for a purpose by a Grand Creator - God.

My belief causes me to love others even when they are unlovable. (Its a supernatural thing). To help others even when they don't deserve help. To live the way of nonviolence in my life. (And that's a tough one folks in a culture steeped in violence). To love and cherish my wife and family. To touch the earth lightly with a smaller car, recycling, reusing, rethinking the way I do things, batching my trips so I drive less, buying locally when possible, shopping at the thrift shop, to grow my own food as much as I can, to capture and use rainwater, to stop and help my neighbor with her goats... I'm not trying to pat myself on the back here. I'm trying to make a point that the way I believe drives the way I act 'and' the way I write. My writing is just part and parcel with the way I have chosen to live my life.

And, as I pointed out last week, my life is all I have to give. The time I'm given on this great earth is all I'm going to have so when I write, I'm investing the most precious gift I have - my time - into my work. I think that makes what I have to say pretty important. It will have to be important to you, too, if you're going to spend/invest your time reading it. Does that mean you have to believe exactly as I do? Not at all. We can agree to disagree. We can even disagree and disagree. But I want you to know that what I have written I take very seriously. I hope it entertains you, but I also hope it makes you stop and think about the nature of the planet we live on, and the sacredness of our lives.

Those are the terms under which I set pen to paper. It sets a standard for my writing and it also sets forward a challenge for the reader. The more the reader has read, the more insight the reader will have into what I have written.

Whew, this whole post took an unexpected turn. I guess I'll have to write what I planned to write next week. Let me know what you think either here or on Facebook at:

See you next time GLW (Good Lord Willing),


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