Friday, January 21, 2011


Years ago, in Art 101, I learned something new. Our prof had us pick up things all week that caught our eye and then were were challenged to put them all together in a work of art. 'Found' art, she called it. The idea is, if something catches your eye to the extent that you will actually stop and pick it up; that item holds some power for you. Some special attraction. So, if you use what you have found to create a work of art, that piece will reveal something of your inner self to the world. It will have a feeling different from any other work of art you might create.

And feeling is what art is all about, is it not? What does the viewer feel when he or she takes a look at what you have created?

None of my found art went on to be displayed at MOMA or anywhere else for that matter. (I was too old for Moma (My Momma) to tack such things up on the refrigerator). Hi Mom. But the idea stuck. Now, as part of my regular writing and reading routine, I go out and 'find' words. When a word strikes me as I read along, I pause long enough to jot it down. (I always carry a notebook with me). Then I try to incorporate those words into the sentences I write for my novel.

What could be more natural, then, than to use found words for poetry? As part of the first novel in my novel in four parts my characters use poetry to express themselves. Most of the time they are using simple heroic couplets, though once in a while they opt for something more complex. Now my 'found' words are really coming into play. I have begun to use them in this poetic interplay between my characters.

So, without further ado, let me make my poetry debut:


The lost ones move across the falls of twilight
No longer do they search the faces of the crowds
Their skin is old and parchy
and no longer catches the sun's kind embrace.
The lost ones move like a burden of wood
hobbled on the backs of the road.
Their stare is not meant for this world.
The lost ones move across the falls of twilight.
Nothing holds them down
And nothing lets them go.

(Copyright 2011 by James D. Sanderson, All rights reserved).

I will post some more of my new poetry on my 'Notes' on my profile page over at Facebook if you'd like to take a look. See yours truly, James D. Sanderson. For those of you who regularly use Facebook, my blog is networked also on my fan site: James D. Sanderson (Readers of).

All right. One more for good measure:


Make me your confessional
where all secrets are told

Make me your sorrow
when the quiet outrushing scream
is too much to hold.

Make me your salvation
we can share the common madness

Make me your tree of life
a grove of sturdy oaks.

Make me your hidden desire
source of excruciating longing.

Make me your pomegranate Christmas carol
Your twilight of silence
Your thunderstorm heartbeat.

Make me your lover.

(Also copyright 2011)

Thanks for indulging my poetic fantasies.


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