Tuesday, July 21, 2009


A blog about the problem with blogs. Sounds oxymoronic. But I wanted to take a moment to clarify what I'm up to here. (And it has taken me several months to figure it out). For a creative writer a blog can be a problem in several ways. First, it can take up all your time. A writer writes. That is the maxim. So if a writer is spending all his/her time blogging, they aren't going to get much real writing done.

Second, writing a blog requires a somewhat different set of skills for the craft of writing. A blog is usually fairly short. So if you have to shift gears to write a blog and it trips up the flow of your longer work you can see how that might be a problem.

Third, a blog can become a kind of catch-all for poor writing. The standard does not need to be as high (one thinks), as 'real' writing, so you can kind of slouch into it and who will care? It can become a place to catch all the ash and trash. Well, that's a problem because writing is sacred, and to treat it as anything less is probably going to be a bad thing.

I have read many blogs that scream "I am creative!" when in fact all they are is a place for the writer to dump any old thing that comes into his/her head. What I'm having for breakfast and how my day is going may be of great interest to some, but I doubt it.

So, having said all that, I'm changing the format of my blog a bit. (Although I never did write about what I was having for breakfast - peanut butter and jelly toast today - jelly from our daughter, delicious). What I am going to do is to establish a kind of weekly column that will come out on Friday or Saturday morning (except in the case of emergencies). That way I will have all week to give you, the reader, my best. In it, as my sub heading above indicates, will be 'All Things Literary'. Whatever I have encountered this week past that is of interest in the world of literature. This might include publishing, promoting, classic works of literature, or anything else that has caught my eye. I promise I will try to put it into some context, and I hope it will be more interesting than anything else you have read this week.

So, having said that, I may post a thing or two during the week if I go off on a jag or have something to rant about, so I hope you'll forgive me that. But generally it will be the end of the week when my 'column' will come out. That way you can open it up like your weekly newspaper on Saturday or Sunday and enjoy all the great things that will flow from my pen.

At least, that's the intention. Thanks for reading and, by the way, if you enjoy it, I'll bet some of your friends will as well. Why not let them know about 'All Things Literary'?


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