Wednesday, June 10, 2009


My reader friends,

I keep a notebook of interesting book sites and publishers and anything related to books. It is one of those hardcover composition books that have a hundred pages or so. (Some have already been torn out). It has the photograph of one of my brother's paintings - a great looking lion - on the cover. It has paperclips to mark various sections and has pages ripped from magazines and what-not stuffed in it. I like to think about that old book of history (Herodotus), that was full of clippings and paintings and such in 'The English Patient'. Anyway, I am constantly looking things up that I find there, and ripping out pages and crossing things out as they no longer hold my interest.

I have found some interesting book blogging sites along the way that I thought I would share. You can go and look for yourself so I won't spend too much time on them, and I'm sure there are many other good sites besides these. (Could you recommend some)?

I like to look in on the U.K. because it gives me a different perspective, so these first three are from there. is mostly about books that they offer as a publisher, but is more general and is a personal place for this long-time literary man to write what he thinks.

In the U.S. you might check out Pat Holt (another long-time publishing personality) at Then there is one I really like about the classics at and finally a book blog community for those who read books, blog books, and promote books at It has some 2200 members with groups, events, and forums about books.

Hope you'll take a look. And even more I hope you'll pass along some other good sites. I'm always interested.


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