Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I began writing at a young age. At twelve years old, I think. I started out writing pretty lame stories about talking animals and such. That's what I thought you were supposed to do at twelve. But I was already reading Hemingway and Jack London and others by that age, so I wasn't going to keep writing at that level for long. By the time I got into Western Michigan University I aced a class in creative writing with a novella the professor thought I should try to see published. I burned it instead. "It's not good enough," I said.

Instead I sold my VW bug and went to Europe where I hitch-hiked around for five weeks. (This was the summer of 1971). When I returned, since I had blown off my draft deferment, I was drafted into the US Army, where I spent the next eight years.

My first novel was not published until 1994 - 'The Angelic Mysteries' (ISBN 1-884787-00-2) It is the first person narration of a how he met and fell in love with an angel. There was one complication, however. At the time he met her, she was being hunted across Europe by a psychopath - a man she believed to be an anti-angel. Breathlessly suspenseful and finely crafted, it is a study in human character and of humankind's continuing struggle against evil and insanity.

My second novel, 'Mirabilia' (ISBN1-884787-01-0) was published the following year - 1995. Hoping only that his kidnapped daughter is still alive, Daniel Allman enters the land of miracles in pursuit of her abductor. Along the way he is confronted by all manner of psychic obstacles and dangers from ferocious jackdogs and haunted swamps, to a sorcerer's malicious curse. With nothing more than his teacher's words to guide him and his own integrity to protect him, Daniel's very existence is in jeopardy.

While I continued writing, my publishing opportunities ceased until 2005, when 'Called To Love' (ISBN 1884787-02-9) was published. It is a nonfiction account of some of our adventures in Christian living (especially as lived out among the homeless in our community). Every day the world seems a little crazier than it was the day before. Fortunately there are some things that don't change. Our dedication to 'do to others as we wuold have them do to us' is the golden rule we can all live by - even in these uncertain times. We are called to love.

More recently I have had an article published in the May/June (2009) issue of 'Plain Truth' magazine, http://www.ptm.org/ a Christian publication for those who are trying to get away from the 'religious spirit' of Christianity. It is entitled 'The Church of Horse Gulch'. This article gives an overview of our activities among the poor and homeless of our community.

I will try to keep this blog updated with publishing credits as they come along. Sorry, 'The Angelic Mysteries' and 'Mirabilia' are both out of print, though I think you can still get copies through e-bay or others. 'Called to Love' is now available as a free e-book download at http://www.lulu.com/content/3778391 Hope you'll take a look.

I have just finished up my nonfiction book about American literature: 'American Masters'. I am currently seeking a publisher for it, and I'm working on a similar work called 'A Book of Books'. See my blog that has some of my new writing from that book at Book Of Books. http://www.abookofbooks.blogspot.com

Hope to hear from you soon.

James D. Sanderson

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